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This campaign was done at Berry Creative. The design team consisted of me and an another designer. This was my first, big ad campaign for a big client. Hertsi is a shopping centre located in Herttoniemi, Helsinki.


The challenge for this project was to come-up with a catchy slogan and visuals to company that. The idea behind the campaign was to simply get customers to do their Christmas shopping at Hertsi, and also spread information about different Christmas related activities that Hertsi would be hosting. The campaign consisted of a main visual and a slogan that would then be made into animated ads outside and inside the shopping centre, social media posts, road advertisements, ads for public transport and also a promotional magazine with short articles and special offers. We came up with the main components together but my job was then to create all of the other digital advertisements along with the road ads. This meant that I finally got to try my hand at animating ads. I previously had only done animation in France as a part of my exchange studies. For this reason this was a super fun and exciting challenge.


I believe in pushing yourself into things that you may not be super confident about yet. It’s all about putting yourself out there and trying things out.