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This was an extensive design project for my brand design studies at L’Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique. Our brief was to come up with a brand and a product concept that utilized a waste material and up-cycled it into something new. The next step was to create a marketing campaign for our new product and brand. It was allowed to choose an already existing brand to collaborate with. This design project was a group effort with a fellow french design student but the examples shown here are all done by me.


We chose to utilize chicken feathers in our project and make them into ballet shoes. For this product we decided to partner up with a french shoe company called Repetto. We decided to tackle, in addition to solving an environmental issue, a colorism issue that is still very prevalent in the ballet industry. Dancers of color have a hard time finding shoes that fit their skin tone, and can waste a lot of money and time in re-painting their shoes. We made our Plume -ballet shoe line in three different skin tones. Our goal was to raise awareness for this issue and lift up dancers of color.